Joining PSUFA is a clear and effective sign of support. Together we can make a difference! 

As a full member you can: vote on PSUFA decisions, serve as a union officer or steward, join committees, and access additional benefits through American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Current dues rates are $28 a month for members earning more than $550.00 a month. Members earning less than $550.00 a month pay $23 per month.

It only takes a minute to make your union stronger. You will need your PSU ID# to complete your membership form, so grab your Employee ID Card or sign into banweb to find it. 

Fill out our online membership form, or print a PDF and drop it by our office, located in Smith Memorial Student Union, Basement Room 1. We'd love to meet you.

Members of AAUP, GEU and SEIU can also support PSUFA by becoming an Associate Member. To join as an Associate Member fill out this form and return it to our office or to the email below. 

Contact our Chair of Membership, Eli Ronick, at with any questions.