Khalil Zonoozy testifying in front of the Senate Workforce Committee on behalf of adjuncts seeking healthcare.


Over 30 Part-time faculty members, supporters, and their family members filled a hearing room on Tuesday, March 28, to attend the Oregon Senate Committee on Education public hearing on Senate Bill 196, and effort to provide affordable healthcare insurance to part-time faculty who work at multiple institutions. Many were clad in AFT-Oregon t-shirts. The large turnout was thanks to efforts by Mary Sykora (PCC Local), Travis Neel (PSUFA) and others.

PSUFA member Khalil Zonoozy gave passionate testimony about the need for accessible, affordable health insurance for faculty who work part-time at multiple institutions. The turnout was so large, there was not enough seating in the committee room and it forced the Capitol facilities team to open up overflow space. Even more submitted testimony in writing, which you can read here.

You can watch the entire hearing, here. After the hearing, the President’s of AFT-Oregon, the Oregon Education Association, and AAUP-Oregon, and the Association of Oregon Faculties issued a joint statement.

The bill has been voted out of committee and on to the Committee on Ways and Means. The effort on SB 196 is led by Senator Michael Dembrow and Representative Chris Gorsek-two long time champions of higher education.

Thanks to PSUFA Members Narendar Sahgal (for driving and bringing some amazing Chai Tea), Sheila Alfsen, Erin Currie, and Khalil Zonoozy! Thank you also to members Shane Abrams and Una Kim who submitted written testimony.