Your PSUFA Contract:

As adjunct faculty at PSU, whether you are a full union member or what’s known as a “fairshare” member, you are covered by our collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The CBA is the contract negotiated between representatives of PSU’s administration and representatives of PSUFA-AFT. Our current CBA lasts until 2020, though the sections dealing with pay and benefits will be re-negotiated in 2018.

2015-2020 CBA

The 2015-2020 CBA (PDF) is now available!

Contract Highlights:

Job security: After teaching for 8 credits or 2 years, part-time faculty will be given 1-yr appointments. Another provision in the contract enables faculty to receive two-year appointments. A faculty member who has taught for at least 20 credits or for 3 years will be offered an evaluation by their Department Chair which, if successful, ensures they receive all future appointments on a two-year basis. This assumes that the department will be offering courses that the adjunct has taught in the past ( Article 8, section 3).

Professional Development: Our professional development fund offers grants of up to $2,000 per year for faculty who have taught at PSU for at least 6 terms. Funds can be used for conferences, travel, trainings and workshops, research expenses, and especially to help fund primary research in your field (Article 13, section 2).

Faculty Education: This fund pays for faculty who have taught for 4 or more terms to take career–related courses at PSU. Adjuncts who are pursuing an advanced degree at PSU are eligible for the fund, as are faculty who want to take courses to strengthen their skills, or to pursue other career options (i.e. one of our members in biology is using the fund to get a Masters of Arts in Counseling). The Fund allows faculty to pay only $24/credit for courses at PSU ( Article 13, section 1).

Health Insurance Stipend: Faculty who are not covered by another employer’s insurance plan are eligible for the healthcare benefit. We pay out a portion of the total fund each term, with the funds equally divided among the applicants. While it often won’t totally cover a person’s total quarterly premiums, it helps offset a significant portion of the cost ( Article 14).

Compensation: Starting in Fall 2017 the minimum rate a part-time faculty can be paid will increase 4% to $928/credit. Those who make above the minimum rate will get an increase of $9/credit. Length-of-service increases will also go into effect for faculty who have taught for over 3 years (Article 12).

Working Conditions: All adjunct faculty have the right to office space, including a desk, file cabinet and a space to meet privately with students, plus access to a computer, copy machine and storage space, as well as email and voicemail accounts. Faculty also have access to the Employee Assistance Program, which offers resources such as crisis counseling, legal services etc. (Article 7).


2013-2015 CBA

The previous 2013-2015 CBA (PDF).