In the 2016-2017 Academic Year, PSUFA piloted a Scholar in Residence Program, partnering with adjunct faculty members to work on specialized projects. 

PAST Residents

Walker Cahall (Art + Design) is the current PSUFA Scholar in Residence. Walker worked with the PSUFA Bargaining Action Team to create all our bargaining poster designs, and hosted a PSUFA Membership Meeting and screen printing party at his studio to print posters. Walker also designed and constructed an eight foot spirit level, which PSUFA delivered to President Shoureshi to kick off bargaining sessions, as a gift gesturing toward our hope for constructive negotiations and level wages for adjuncts!

Andrée Tremoulet (Urban Studies) was the PSUFA Scholar in Residence for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017. During her residency she helped the PSUFA Executive Council conduct an online survey open to all faculty who worked .49FTE or less, and used the survey results to create a Strategic Plan to guide PSUFA's work from 2017-2020. Read more about our Strategic Plan!