2017-2020 PSUFA Strategic Plan

In Fall 2016, the PSUFA Executive Council conducted an online survey open to all faculty who worked .49FTE or less. PSUFA took the survey results and created a Strategic Plan to guide our work from 2017-2020. Below are our objectives, derived from the central themes highlighted by survey respondents:

Advocating, Educating, and Supporting Members in Knowing their CBA Rights

  • Advocating on behalf of adjunct faculty in upholding their rights;

  • Educating adjunct faculty with regard to the CBA and gained new provisions, including opportunities for advancement, wage, and benefits increases;

  • Supporting adjunct faculty in multi-year evaluations, grievances, departmental issues.

Recognition and Strengthening Adjunct Faculty

  • Increasing recognition and respect for the contributions that adjunct faculty make to university life;

  • Strengthening the bargaining position of the union heading into future negotiating sessions;

  • Expanding opportunities to become a leader and contribute to the mission of PSUFA.

Advancement, Wage Increases and Parity with NTTF

  • Improving wages;

  • Increasing funding for the three benefit funds: health, education and professional development;

  • Demanding parity with NTTF.