Executive Council Officers 2019-2021

Jea Alford, Chair of Operations & Executive Council Co-Chair (psufa.jea(at)gmail.com) (president(at)psufa.org)

Chris Allen, Chair of Treasury (psufa.chris(at)gmail.com

Sarah Chivers, Chair of Political Action, (sachivers(at)yahoo.com)

Lyndsie Compton, Chair of Grievances (psufa.lyndsie(at)gmail.com) (grievances(at)psufa.org)

Ariana Jacob, Chair of Collective Bargaining & Executive Council Co-Chair (psufa.ariana(at)gmail.com)

Jenna Padbury, Chair of Communications, (psufa.jenna(at)gmail.com) (communications(at)psufa.org)

Eli Ronick, Chair of Membership (psufa.eli(at)gmail.com) (organizing(at)psufa.org)

Takahiro Yamamoto, Bookkeeper (psufa.treasurer(at)gmail.com)


PSUFA Office
Room 1
Smith Memorial Student Union (SMSU)
1825 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97201

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 8434
Portland, OR 97207-8434
Phone: (503) 224-3090
(voicemail; email is preferred)